Motormice Limited

About Motormice

Welcome to Motor Mice Limited.

We are specialists in providing system solutions for the UK motor industry.

With hands on experience in the dealership environment since 1986 we have provided tailored systems that are used throughout the industry.
From 'Parts' to 'F&I' we have worked with some of the country's largest dealer groups to develop both internet and localized products which continue to boost profits.

We are based in the United Kingdom and specialise in functional web site construction. The company brings together an exciting range of experience and skills.

We have a wealth of experience in the UK motor industry and have worked with several of the leading motor groups to help develop their internal and public facing systems.
Unlike most web development companies we understand the UK retail motor industry having worked within it since 1986.
We have helped create and maintain a wide range of systems covering every aspect of a dealership environment.
Some of our recent work includes working with vehicle marketing and deploying payroll solutions.
We understand the industry because we have employees who have worked as salespersons, business managers, service receptionists and even valeters.

Discussing your needs with a business that understands and will not just listen but offer advice is what sets us apart,
and even if we do say so ourselves, we are very good at it.

If you would like to discuss any potential new business requirements please visit the contacts page.

  • Web design
  • Data creation
  • Support services
  • System Design